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FileOrbis is a file management platform that is developed to meet needs for managing increasing number of file systems, increasing file sizes and sharing these files in an easy, fast and secure way.

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Whitepaper:FileOrbis - Dell EMC PowerScale, Dell EMC ECS Integration

FileOrbis’ data classification capabilities based on data type, content, source and many others when integrated with intelligent tiering (SmartPools), Write Once Read Many (WORM / SmartLock) and storage based snapshots (SnapshotIQ) capabilities available in Dell EMC PowerScale, and S3 versioning available in Dell EMC ECS object platforms provide unmatched data management, collaboration, and governance solution for enterprise users in file granularity regardless of their physical location and device that they are on.

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Whitepaper: Enterprise File Sharing with Integrated Security Solutions

Security steps are mostly included in the preliminaryprocessing and aim security analysis before files enter the system. All files to beuploaded in the system are received by the preliminary process and passed throughsecurity analysis before entering the system.

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Whitepaper: Next Generation File Sharing & Remote Access to Files and Folders

FileOrbis offers powerful management tools to manage corporates' file sharing internally and externally.

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Whitepaper: FileOrbis' Governance Capabilities and Data Storage Policies

FileOrbis offers corporates data control to comply with security policies. The storage policy helps administrators automate data protection processes and secure and manage digital content.

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Datasheet: Secure Content Management

Streamline Your Business Processes, Provide Content Through a Holistic and Secure Platform

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Whitepaper: Specialized Banking Platform-FileOrbis Integration

A specialized banking platform enables banks to manage all the functions they need through a single centralized platform. By integrating document processes and combining document security processes with FileOrbis, this platform has become an end-to-end core banking platform that brings together data security and operational efficiency.

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