About Us

About Us

Aiming to manage the user and file relationship within an institutional framework, FileOrbis is constantly being developed in order to meet different industry and customer needs in terms of file management and sharing. Since 2012, FileOrbis continues to be developed with the excitement of the first day. FileOrbis focuses on high security, rich integration, ease of use and integrated management criteria.


To develop the most secure, integrated, fast and easy-to-use high quality software required to meet the ever-changing needs of customers and to ensure its sustainability.


To be one of the first solutions that come to mind in the global market regarding corporate file sharing and management.

Culture & Values

  • Being agile
  • Being customer oriented
  • Being ethical and reliable
  • Caring and valuing people
  • Being transparent and sincere
  • To prioritize innovation and quality
  • To be a pioneer in technology and to be brave